Here are some tips that could save you stress and some tips to help you save on your moving budget!
1) Tape all Boxes Closed and mark all boxes for the rooms that they will go to in new home

2) Pack candles in a separate box. They can melt even when not lit.

3) Lamps and lamp shades must be packed in boxes for our movers to take.

4) Take all items of extreme importance to your new home ( home closing paperwork, laptop computers, personal computers, jewelry, money, briefcases). Do not leave these items in dresser drawers. Pack all items in desk drawers into boxes.

5) You can leave clothing items in dresser drawers. No money, jewelry, coins, pictures, electronics, papers, books, trophies...etc. Clothing items only. We sometimes have to stand dressers on end to get them out of the rooms and we do not want anything inside the drawers to brake. Note: you should pack all drawers in amoirs. The heavier the item.. the longer it can take to move.

6) We try to move the refrigerators and freezers last so they can go into your new home first. Ask the movers to tell you about 20 minutes before they move the appliances so you have ample time to place the items into coolers with ice. The appliances must be emptied so nothing cracks the inside casings during the move.

7) Have all electronic items unhooked and packed into boxes with plenty of pack material. Mark the boxe fragile and draw an arrow vertical on the box. We will take TV's as they are. Make sure all wires and cables are disconnected. Pack the remote control in a box.

8) If you live in an appartment or condo, reserve parking in front of the door(s) movers will be moving in or out of. The longer the walk, the more time it takes to move. Place your car at the new apartment the night before to ensure close parking for movers. 2 spaces perfered.

9) Have a good idea of placement of furnishings and boxes in your new home. Local moves are by the hour. The more we have to shift items or rearrange to different rooms, the more time it takes to complete your move.

10) If you have the time in your busy schedule and wish to save on your moving budget you can: take mirrors off dressers, disassemble beds, unhook appliances, take legs off dinning room table. If you have more time: as you pack, take boxes to garage. Move storage boxes and small items from basement to garage. This also helps clutter in your home before the move. You can also ask our movers to take only the necessity boxes ( kitchen, bath, clothing, etc..) into home and place the rest of the boxes into the garage for customer to sort through later. This can shave hours off your move time and budget. Taking as many of these steps as your time schedule will allow, will save you on your moving budget.